Female Mini Straight Cable Plug : MMTS04-211


Female Mini Straight Cable Plug : MMTS04-211


• Mini straight Cable Plug-f

• 4x1Amp machined solder-cup female sockets

• IP67 water & salt-water resistant with 2 Viton O-rings

• PEEK insert

• -40ºC to +200ºC

• EMI/RFI shielded

• M4.5x.35mm threaded

• Gold plated Brass body

• Outer Diameter: ~5.4mm (0.217in)

• Length: ~11.5mm (0.453in)

• Weight: ~ 0.05 oz.

The hex/knurl (attached to the one-piece body) allows torquing or wire-holes. Crimp ferrule I.D. is ~1.9mm (0.075in). 

NOTE: When this Plug is mated to any MTS04 series Receptacle, the mated pair will be IP67 water resistant due to its O-rings. 


Delivery: 8-12 weeks ARO, subject to prior sale. 

Contact Reichenbach International for lower pricing on large quantities.

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