Reichenbach International was incorporated in California in 1999. Founded by Erich Reichenbach, MBA, with over 35 years in the connector arena. Conducted business in international markets and established global distribution channels, turned around a failing Amphenol company, negotiated joint-venture agreements and brought new European manufacturers to the USA and built their sales to 7 figure ranges. 

Reichenbach International brings European high technology components to the quality of products designed and produced in the USA. Specializes in:

  • Connectors

  • Microwave components

  • POF (Polymer Optical Fiber Components)

  • Cable Assembly Products

  • Sensors and Joysticks

Servicing the following markets and more:
Aerospace, Agriculture, Cable Assemblies, Coax, Cryogenic, Drones, Entertainment, Environmental, Exploration, Fiber Optic, Harness, High Temperature, High Voltage, Instrument, Infrared, Marine, Medical, Military, Mining, PCB, POF, Power, Research, Robotic, Sensors, Thermographic, Transportation, Twisted-Pair (similar to coax), Voltaic, plus various other industrial and custom applications.