quality Policy:

Reichenbach International is committed to continuously striving to improve our product quality and reliability while meeting customer and regulatory requirements.


  • Reichenbach International Inc. (RII), is a service -disabled veteran owned small business (SDVOSB).

  • RII is ISO 9001: 2015 certified (ISO 9001: 2015 will be effective 2017). 

  • RII Cage Code is 3KSF3.

  • All RIIl products are RoHS qualified.

  • RII products are not from Asia.

  • All products adhere to USA government REACH and "Conflict Minerals" policies.

  • RII does not sell counterfeit parts.

  • RII's "C of C" is included on each invoice. 


Many connectors only solve one problem. They usually are:

• not small
• not lightweight
• not IP67 water-resistant
• corroded by salt water
• not high temperature
• not EMI/RFI shielded
• not able to use: electrical , or twisted pair, or POF fiber optic cables in one connector
• not available in non-reflective plating
• not reliable due to contacts or cable assembly
• not with scoop-proof or with bleed-hole contacts
• not able to be torqued
• not able to stay mated with vibration

SOLUTIONS - Provided by Reichenbach Intl:
We design our connectors to solve the above 12 problems & more in ONE connector. Our connectors are:

  1. Small (~0.3"ø)

  2. Lightweight (~0.1oz)

  3. Brass shelled, salt water resistant

  4. -40 to +200ºC

  5. EMI/RFI braid shielded

  6. able to use 3A electrical, or twisted pair, or POF fiber optic cables in the same connector

  7. available in gold plated or black anodized plated shells

  8. very reliable due to machined 3A contacts, 600V, keying system, or cable assembly design, etc.

  9. keyed and designed as scoop-proof and with contact bleed-holes

  10. 1.000 mating cycles

  11. RoHS compliant

  12. keyed

  13. all COTS (made to Mil-specs)

  14. signal (data) connectors

  15. USA made

Plus, our MTS04-215 cable Plug connectors have all of the above features, in addition to the following:

  1. IP67 water resistant

  2. can be torqued due to hex-nut on Plug

  3. optional wire-holes in each hex-nut Plug assures Plugs do NOT unmate from their panel Receptacles during vibration