Cable assembly products:


  • Signal:

    • White 4 x 3A PTFE 200ºC, 30AWG

    • Black 4 x 2A HFS 100ºC, 30AWG

    • POF & Glass Fiber Optic


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  • MTS04 Series

    • MTS04-115 Plug

    • MTS04-215 Plug (IP67)

    • MTS04-525 Receptacle (IP67)

    • MTS04-425 Cable Receptacle

    • MTS04-921 PCB Receptacle

Crimp Tools with hex die

POF Cable Strippers

POF Cable Cutters

Cable Marking Machine

  • The machine hot marks cables or tubes with black or white letters/numbers 2.4mm tall, with no damage to the cable

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